5 Top Advantages Of Owning A Condominium Unit That You Should Know

Nowadays, many people tend to choose to buy a condominium unit rather than buying a house and lot. If you are one of these people, do you know what the advantages that you could get once you do this are? You can read the list below that shows the top advantages of owning a condominium unit.

This is the list of the top advantages of owning a condominium unit that you should know.

  1. No Outdoor Chores

One thing that you will never do if you own a condo unit is that you do not have to do outdoor chores or works such as cleaning the garden and mowing the lawn which is very tiring to do. You can be assured that the management will provide the persons who will be responsible for doing these outdoor works.

  1. Comes With Amenities

Most of all condominium units out there cater their tenants with great amenities such as swimming pools, gym and fitness center, spa and sauna facilities, covered courts and even terraces where you can have parties. With these amenities, you will surely have the place where you can enjoy and relax.

  1. Provide Security

If you live in a condominium unit, you can be assured that they can provide you a tight security for your safety. They provide security measures in the building so that they will prevent the instances of robbery and entering of unauthorized persons. Also, some of the condominium units have security guards that patrol the whole area and make sure that every entrance is locked during the night.

  1. Convenient Location

A condominium unit is usually situated in cities and metropolitan areas where the trade and commerce happens. So if you are an office employee that lives in a province and currently working within the metropolitan area, you should invest in having a condominium unit so that the travel will be convenient for you.

  1. Free To Renovate

Since you are paying to own the condo unit and not just by renting, you can have access to renovate or redesign your condo unit. From changing the furniture up to the wallpapers or color of the paint, you can be assured that you are free to do it based on what you want it to be.

Now that you know what are the top advantages of owning a condominium unit, do these advantages help you to decide to buy a condominium unit at Margaret Ville? If yes, you should also know that before buying a unit there is an estimation of launch prices that will help you in your decision. This estimation includes the condition of land prices and the developer’s market price that will be based on the competition which affects the launch price of a condominium unit. Construction costs vary from the type of condominium that ranges from $350, $450 and higher. A high launch price does not mean that you have a good deal, you should also know that there is low launch price that has the same quality of high launch price. With this estimation, you can now buy that will depend on your budget and not on the value of the property.

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4 Advantages of Having a Maid

If you do not already have a maid working for you, then you should hire one immediately. There are actually a lot of practical advantages to having a maid work for you. You would be able to have a cleaner home and more free time for yourself. These are also some of the other advantages of hiring a housemaid from a maid agency.

1. Frees up more of your time.

There are a lot of hours that you will have to spend doing all the things that need to be done at home. You could spend so much time trying to cook for your family and clean everything that is dirty. That is why, if you would actually like to save more time, you must hire a maid service. With a maid at home, you could end up freeing so much of your own time. You would not have to spend hours on end just cleaning your home, you could just let a maid do it for you.

2. Regular household chores are completed.

When you want regular and complete cleanings of your home done, then a maid is the only practical solution. The whole job of a maid is to get things done in your home. And you would find that if you have got a maid, then you will have a much cleaner home in the end. They will do such a complete and proper job of cleaning and caring for your home. So you would not even see any speck of dirt once they are done with their cleaning.

3. Reliable and trustworthy

Most maids are very trustworthy. This is because they would be grateful to you because you are living in their home. And in addition to providing their lodging, you are probably also feeding and giving them their salary as well. And because a maid relies so much on you, they would be extremely trustworthy. You would not have to worry about a maid stealing your things. And you would also not have to worry about maids not doing their jobs properly either. Any live-in maid that you hire would be very reliable in their jobs.

4. Takes care of your children

When you want better care for your children, a maid should be able to provide that kind of care for you. And in addition to keeping your kids bathed and fed, a maid can also help keep your kids safer as well. When you have got a housemaid living with you, they will be able to watch your child throughout the whole day. This would mean that you would not even have to worry about your kids all day, you can just rely on your maid to take care of your kids for you!

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to hiring a maid to work for you. You should find a maid agency, such as Maidcity if you would like to hire a reliable maid. Your life would become so much more relaxing if you had a maid working for you.

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The Importance of Investing a Property

Investing a property is said to be a long-term goal which means that you’ll have to prioritize your needs if you have decided to start saving for investment in the future. Property investment is popular in many countries in the world. Therefore, this is an opportunity that you should grab it otherwise someone might take it, and you lose your chance. Keep in mind that marketing of a property is always a trend wherein big investors and other people are on the look-out to purchase. It is best that you seek consultation from a licensed broker or Realtor to make sure that investment is not a waste of money.

It is essential and crucial that you know the purpose as to why you’d need to invest in a property. Assessing yourself first is your key to have made a better decision. Knowing that purchasing a property is indeed complex, it is vital that you lay-out your options in life through mind setting and prioritization. To know more reasons as to why it is important to invest a property, here are the following.

1. Leverage – beyond the years, the value of the property will increase rather than decreasing. This is why business investors would buy as many properties as they can and resell it overtime because the leverage of a property is beneficial after a few years.

2. You are assured of the investment – whatever it is that you are planning on your soon to be property, in it is known to be as one of the stable investment that you could ever own in your life. Whether you are building a business for lease, it is guaranteed that your property is more than the worth value on the first time you have bought it.

3. It leads you to an extra income – do you want to earn more? As mentioned, you can always do anything in your invested property. It gives you the opportunity to add more money to your bank. If you know how to look for money, investing wouldn’t be that difficult. For example, you have your home property rented.

4. It is a necessity – imagine what it can do for you in the next 15 to 20 years? There will be a rise of new building and opportunities for everyone. This will be a great time that you more comfortable in your home. If you are making it as a business.

5. Retirement plan – if you are led to the right investment of property, you are assured that during your retirement you can profit from the sales that you have earned.

6. Asset – property is also acknowledged to be an asset because its value can be increased over time and it also provides a secured level of investment.

Investing a property is a great choice for you to make as long as you are prepared to the process. It is also important that you have made plans for your investment so that you can have options as to which would work best for you.

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Tips in Choosing A Property To Invest

There are several factors if you are to choose a property to invest. It is also important that you understand the purpose of investing and what could be the possible ideas that you can do in investing in a property. You can either have it build a dream house or perhaps something that you have also wanted in life- to have a business. The dilemma of buying a property is indeed a complex decision especially if you are compelled by your own needs as well.

According to some property group, having to know where you’d like to buy and how much are you willing to invest is necessary. So, this means that you’ll have to look in a different perspective regarding budgeting your money according to certain areas and types of property that you’d like to invest. Regardless of how much you’re able to buy and have chosen a property, there are certain rules that you must follow. To know further, here are the following tips in choosing a property.

1. Must have a purpose – before buying anything

2. Consider the property area – whether you’d like to be in a city, suburban, urban or to a place where it is far-flung it is crucial that you check whether there won’t be possible government projects in the next ten years or so. You’ll have to assess it with a property licensed broker or Realtor along with a Zoning consultant to investigate and to give you a heads up whether it is a good investment or not.

3. The area of accessibility – of course, everything should be accessible to your needs. This includes access to your workplace, your children’s school, and facilities such as hospitals, police and fire station and stores that might be your place to unwind. All these are ranked as one of your needs. If you happened to like a property that is an hour away from these landmarks, perhaps owning a car would make it time and energy saving to travel.

4. Is the location prone to traffic? – If you are a busy person, sure enough, you don’t need to live in a place where traffic is at its best. You don’t like to deal with that each time you stepped of the house right? So, as much as possible, choose a location that tailor fits your needs. Consider your position in life that would be a better help to decide as well.

5. Affordability – having to save for a property is a long-term goal. Property is a worthy investment. Even if you are not doing anything on a property, you can resell it for a better pricing depending on the value’s worth. Set for a price that you think you can handle and manage to save for a property.

You have endless choices to make. You do always get the best advice from professionals and contractors regarding buying a property whether you can afford or is still saving. It all depends on your needs, and it is always a great idea to eye on attributes in buying a property.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living with your parents

Home ownership is probably one of the things that so many people have longed about. Why not! There are so many perks of owning your own house and not depending too much on your parents or relatives. However, it is also a reality that having your own house is difficult. There are so many costs to pay and not to mention that if your job is not stable, then you will have a difficulty of paying things off. So for most people, staying with their parents is the best choice even if they are already working professionals or for some even after marriage.

Now the question is, “Should I still stay with my parents? Or should I move out?”

These questions can be answered if you know the advantages and disadvantages of staying with your parents.


The first advantage of living with your parents is the fact that you can save money. For one, you do not have to pay for any rental or you do not have to pay for the monthly fees for your own house. Aside from that, if you own a house, you have to pay for the repairs like a broken toilet or sink. However, if you are in your parents’ house, these things are never of your concern. If this is the case, you can use your money for something better.

Moreover, another advantage of living with your parents is the fact that you can eat home cooked meals. Most parents do not like to buy fast food rather they want healthy prepared foods at home. If this is the case, you can eat healthy food, and best is you do not have to pay for your groceries every month.


However, in reality, living with parents has some disadvantages as well. For one, you cannot have your private space. Since it is your parents’ house, you have to respect it which means, bringing visitors in and out could be a little bit difficult.

You have to always live by the norms and rules of a house that is not yours. Making your own rule would simply be very rude for them. Since it is their house, everything should go by their rule, and this includes doing household chores.

Lastly, you will most of the time feel that you are not free to do so many things. Even if most of the times your parents will say, that what’s theirs is yours, this simply would not happen. You cannot even watch your favorite TV show while they are around because they will simply watch their favorite show first then yours.

In summary, living with somebody especially your parents is a good idea especially when you are still young, however, as you grow older, moving out is the best option. If you live alone and if you decide to have your own house, you are free to do things, but you have to be responsible especially in paying out your property.

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The Pros and Cons of Owning your own Home

Being safe and sound under a roof is one of the basic rights of every individual. This is the reason why there are so many people who have thought of having their own house or apartment because, for them, home ownership simply means a fulfillment of a great dream. However, it is also a fact that some people have regretted buying their own house and have thought that they should have just rented.

Indeed, buying your own house is one of the major decisions that you will have in your life because, in time, you know that you need to have the capacity to pay your house. Whether you pay it in cash or whether you pay it monthly, home ownership is a challenge.

So, here are both the advantages and disadvantages of having your own house.


When you have your own house, you take pride with it. It is a fact that not all people can afford to have their own house or apartment especially in cities like Singapore. So, if you have your property, people think highly of you.

Moreover, when you have your property, most likely you already know how much you are due every month because you have fixed costs when it comes to food, utilities, and monthly payment for your house. If you compare it to people who are renting, there are chances that over time, rents may go higher depending on the demand.

Lastly, you will be paying lesser tax because home ownership is a tax deduction. If this is the case, you will not have to pay much of your taxes.


When you have your own house, you will have to pay for this for a very long time. Some even have to pay even if they are already old. It is a fact that if you choose to have your own house, it is a commitment that you have to face for almost a lifetime. Not to mention that if you own your house, the maintenance of everything, including the repairs goes on you. Compared to those who rent, the owner is the one responsible for this.

Lastly, you should know that even if you have a fixed monthly payment, in most cases, renting is still cheaper compared to the fixed monthly payment of home ownership.

In summary, home ownership is indeed something to be carefully thought about. You should have considerations like your ability to pay overtime, your job stability, and much more. It is very important to carefully read both advantages and disadvantages of home ownership before deciding because your decision will surely change everything. Moreover, home ownership both have advantages and disadvantages, and if you live in cities like Singapore, you can say that the advantages have outweighed the disadvantages. Nothing beats owning your own house rather than renting. So, if you have finally decided to have your own house, make sure that you have thought about this a hundred times because back in gout may not be possible.

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Things to Consider before buying a property in Singapore

The shelter is considered to be one of the necessities of a person. This is the main reason why there are so many people who always think of having their own house. However, it is also a fact that these days, owning your own house or apartment is expensive. You need to have a loan to pay the equity, and you need to pay for your loan for several years. A lot of people have verbalized that they have grown older yet they have not finished paying their loans.

So, if you are thinking of having your property and you are living in Singapore, here are the things that you have to consider.

First, you have to consider if you can afford to have your property at this time. In reality, paying in cash is difficult so many people. So, a lot of them would opt for having loans. If this is the case, it is very important to think it over if you can afford to pay your loan or not. Moreover, you should also be able to project the time of the payment of the loan.

Second, you also have to consider about your job stability. Well, if you have a job and this surely means that you can pay off your house. However, if you keep on changing jobs in a short span of time, you will not be believable especially if you are thinking of having a loan from a bank or so. So, before considering of buying your property, make sure that you can afford to pay it.

Third, you have to consider the size of the property that you are buying. The size of the property is always associated with the size of the family. If you are single, but you are planning to have your own family, then you should have a bigger property rather than spend another amount of money when your plan is realized. Do not wait for that time to come because properties have become more expensive as time pass by.

Lastly, you have to consider the location of your property. You should be aware that properties which are cheaper are located farther while those properties nearer the city are more expensive. So, if you choose properties that are near your workplace, near hospitals, or near your child’s school, you just expect that the prices are higher.

In summary, before buying a property especially in a modern city like Singapore, you should have so many considerations. For instance, you have to consider the size of the property, the location of the property, your job stability and of course your ability to pay. Properties in cities like Singapore are expensive and paying them over time is surely a burden. However, having your apartment or house can surely save you a lot of money. Imagine, paying for something that can be yours.

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